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23 May 1991
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Registration Date
10 Nov 1992
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GENERAL was first used on 28 Feb 1980 for the primary classification of goods and services, international, 007 (Machinery)
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There is no first use of this trademark in commerce detected yet.
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Brent E. Routman
PO BOX 2910

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1659592509876584450 @PurpleBJenga Not suggesting this is okay for general audiences to build personal libraries, but for preserving portfolios, it's likely fair use under Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios (timeshift) to use one of the many consumer softwares available that will rip eps from Disney+ in full HD.

1651453980977799169 @crissles Coach; Poor time management/ use of timeouts. Poor game plan (man to man, zone etc)/ bad matchups. Failure to adjust during halftime. Inability to motivate team and expose exploit weakness in opponent. General Tems unpreparedness

1651453996480237569 This reminds me of the vibe in a seminar in June 2019 in SZ where about 40 CN semiconductor companies founders & senior management, plus some VCS, attended. The atmosphere wasn't pessimistic like then in the general public, but one of cautious euphoric... 1/5

1651417594753171456 @BrendaMonzonGT Creo que se está volviendo una política general de los negocios... En dollarcity me pasó y me sacó de onda el guardia, le pregunté (muy educadamente) si quería revisar que no me estuviera llevando nada...

1651257346499264519 @Dronesclub2 I'm open to it & in general terms agree, but Cu is poster child (poster Dr?) for supply squeeze & down quite sharply in the last few days, "Ignoring the fundies" is the signal that concerns me. Other metals? Li prices down big Zn = smelter bottleneck Ag: no supply squeeze Etc

1651333645171294210 @LTK_FT @SOFT_LEAK_ Vu que en général quand je dépasses le 200 je fais plus rien

1651398677565415427 General Motors, BALLAST, 15782392 GECIYUA

1651370390428450820 Their solid gold armored truck is in this general area if I recall right. Two armored trucks, both completely made out of a single quadrillion of gold. They are both within a warehouse. Covered and disguised of course.

1651402841062342656 I have often said since high school. I like some people as individuals but the human race in general disgusts me. I am ashamed to be a part of it.

1651151760059187200 Julie Barth, EVA Admin & Events, presented the #EVEX sponsoring opportunities today during the PRIV General Assembly Meeting at Vending Expo Bucharest

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1651399926943981568 I heard someone call this man "To bland to be a romance protagonist" and I am still mad! 😤 I am prepared to start a war in General Son Hak's name!!! 🔥🔥🔥

1651380015165063174 Esta fue la principal razón por la que la atención al cliente en redes fue nula e inexistente, cuestión que despertó la fraudulencia del proyecto. Estos fueron otros factores que contribuyeron con la terrible organización y mala gestión general del festival Fyre.

1651309155079127058 @LambertBrian7 I believe that sometimes, we aren’t aware of the stimulus that triggers a response. In general though, I tend to agree with Warren Zevon’s lyric, “except in dreams, you're never really free.” (Desperados Under the Eaves)

1651393230234058752 Hey General Min Aung Hlaing What’s a little friendly fire between friends? You told your air force to bomb everything that moves So you can’t blame your pilots for dropping bombs on your own shitheads, your patrols don’t have IFF If they’re under friendly fire it’s your fault

1651393689191866369 @SCHIZO_FREQ most guys in general will tend to overdevelop the upper body and neglect the legs. also the bench press is a fairly recent invention, idk what the greek dudes did instead

1651045148107718656 @Acuario_FZO Y por lo general suelen durar aunque sean opuestos

1651380462588428288 @legacy_zeta B-but, munny~ ;w; And yeah, in general I need to know how to search for food~ uwu

1651385112913649664 cigarette. Its cheap and bland among the best known for himself, not because he smokes, but because it is general knowledge in the world he lives in. And that makes the scene in front of him more depressing. “Bad day?” Izuku starts, he is lying if he says he doesn't want to get+

1651157949312532480 Andy Haldane wrote an entire paper on central bank communications and how the general public have no clue about the policies. You’d think they might get some people in who can communicate a bit better! Link to it:

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