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Trademark Clearance

WikiTrademarks Provides Trademark Clearance Search

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Why run a trademark clearance search?

A trademark clearance is a full search and review of all existing trademarks as well as pending trademark applications.

Before filing a trademark, a search is usually carried out to check if there may be any opposition to your trademark in the jurisdiction and industry you wish to operate in.

Doing a trademark clearance search yourself can be a money saver before you engage a professional trademark services firm. It gives them a starting point for your search.

Some trademark clearance search hints:
  • Search all related classifications of goods and services that could interact with or be supplied by a potentially confusing mark that already exists.
  • Search Google and other search engines to search for unregistered trademarks.
  • Search Google and other search engines for expired trademarks that may still be in use.
  • Once you have done a basic trademark clearance search, it is advisable to engage a professional trademark search services firm to confirm your findings.