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Pro Se Trademark Applications (Self Represented Trademark Applications)

A pro se trademark application is a trademark application filed by an individual or entity without the assistance of a licensed attorney.

"Pro se" is a Latin term that means "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf." In the United States, anyone can file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) without the help of an attorney, although the process can be complex and often requires a good understanding of trademark law and the application process.

It's important to note that while filing a pro se trademark application can save money on attorney fees, it can also increase the risk of errors or omissions in the application, which can result in delays or even the denial of the trademark registration. Therefore, it's generally recommended that individuals and businesses seeking trademark registration seek the advice and guidance of an experienced trademark attorney.

The following pages are a list of "pro se" trademark applications in the USA.

Oguhebe, Victoria A / Oguhebe, Victoria A
Obaida A. Farajalla / Obaida A. Farajalla
Dawson IV, Thomas J / Dawson IV, Thomas J
Vanier, Elias E / Vanier, Elias E
Ehmke's Food Service LLC / Ehmke's Food Service LLC
Ula Mikus / Ula Mikus
Holmes,Javonka S / Holmes,Javonka S
Mershon, Hollie E / Mershon, Hollie E
Mingo, Lameshia L / Mingo, Lameshia L
Black Tucano Coffee Roasters LLC / Black Tucano Coffee Roasters LLC
Hollie Mershon / Hollie Mershon
That Aisle, Inc. / That Aisle, Inc.
Wilkinson Law LLC / Wilkinson Law LLC
Hewgley, Tyler L / Hewgley, Tyler L
JTK Innovations LLC / JTK Innovations LLC
Matthew Phillips / Matthew Phillips
JTK Innovations LLC / JTK Innovations LLC
Garcia,Raul / Garcia,Raul
James, Jeffrey Daniel / James, Jeffrey Daniel
Santiago, Johanna / Santiago, Johanna
Perez King, Sophia / Perez King, Sophia
Dyson, JoRea / Dyson, JoRea
Meet The Workerbeez LLC / Meet The Workerbeez LLC
seiler,danielle,m / seiler,danielle,m
Pawlak, Kathryn M / Pawlak, Kathryn M
Francis, Christy M / Francis, Christy M
Devin O'Mally Manning / Devin O'Mally Manning
GYMM Time / GYMM Time
Reginald J Wheat / Reginald J Wheat
ZeroVuln, LLC / ZeroVuln, LLC
Tidyl Dynamics / Tidyl Dynamics
Llama Lashes Beauty Co LLC / Llama Lashes Beauty Co LLC
Yankin,Ozlem / Yankin,Ozlem
Loven, Lisa C. / Loven, Lisa C.
Recigno Laboratories LLC / Recigno Laboratories LLC
Own Your Pride / Own Your Pride
Worden Marine LLC / Worden Marine LLC
Pawlak, Kathryn M / Pawlak, Kathryn M
ATG Village LLC / ATG Village LLC
Hurtado Jose g / Hurtado Jose g
Functional Health Consultants, LLC / Functional Health Consultants, LLC
Vanessa Cardenas / Vanessa Cardenas
Barrett, Matthew / Barrett, Matthew
Harper, Coleman O / Harper, Coleman O
George Allen Chambers / George Allen Chambers