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Pro Se Trademark Applications (Self Represented Trademark Applications)

A pro se trademark application is a trademark application filed by an individual or entity without the assistance of a licensed attorney.

"Pro se" is a Latin term that means "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf." In the United States, anyone can file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) without the help of an attorney, although the process can be complex and often requires a good understanding of trademark law and the application process.

It's important to note that while filing a pro se trademark application can save money on attorney fees, it can also increase the risk of errors or omissions in the application, which can result in delays or even the denial of the trademark registration. Therefore, it's generally recommended that individuals and businesses seeking trademark registration seek the advice and guidance of an experienced trademark attorney.

The following pages are a list of "pro se" trademark applications in the USA.

Imaginart.usa-LLC / Imaginart.usa-LLC
Vieira, Patrick / Vieira, Patrick
The Globalist World LLC / The Globalist World LLC
Mcfarlan, Donald / Mcfarlan, Donald
Guditus, Steven M. / Guditus, Steven M.
Mad Hair Supplements LLC / Mad Hair Supplements LLC
Royalty Cleaning Company LLC / Royalty Cleaning Company LLC
Clary, Christopher S / Clary, Christopher S
Clary, Christopher S / Clary, Christopher S
John L Reichert / John L Reichert
The Latte Lab / The Latte Lab
Partee, Alicia L / Partee, Alicia L
Hypno Integration Therapy LLC / Hypno Integration Therapy LLC
Carr, Antonio / Carr, Antonio
Cunningham, Melinda F. / Cunningham, Melinda F.
Premium Herb's LLC / Premium Herb's LLC
John A. Brown / John A. Brown
Ilzzett Camargo / Ilzzett Camargo
Carr, Antonio / Carr, Antonio
Jose Victor Delfino Castro Dominguez / Jose Victor Delfino Castro Dominguez
Hoffman, Brady J. / Hoffman, Brady J.
White, TJ / White, TJ
Annabelle Yeong LLC / Annabelle Yeong LLC
Egypt's Finest LLC / Egypt's Finest LLC
Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading / Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading
Ellis, Mack / Ellis, Mack
Harris, Charyn / Harris, Charyn
Deanna's Earth Do, LLC / Deanna's Earth Do, LLC
Burk, Kevin / Burk, Kevin
Genesis AdvanceTech Engineering, LLC / Genesis AdvanceTech Engineering, LLC
WeeJizz Inc / WeeJizz Inc
Delaney, Audrey / Delaney, Audrey
RIIG Analytics Inc / RIIG Analytics Inc
Fantasy Primer, LLC / Fantasy Primer, LLC
Pollen Collection and Sales, Inc / Pollen Collection and Sales, Inc
RaveVenn, LLC / RaveVenn, LLC
Parrish Jr, Dan L / Parrish Jr, Dan L
Al Mokha, PBC / Al Mokha, PBC
Holy Hydrate / Holy Hydrate
Adrienne S Alexander / Adrienne S Alexander
Midas, Todd Michael / Midas, Todd Michael
Lisa Denise Fernandez / Lisa Denise Fernandez
DeWitt, Steven A / DeWitt, Steven A
Keanna Ugena Paul / Keanna Ugena Paul
DrinkMaster Bartending School, Inc / DrinkMaster Bartending School, Inc
Javajit, LLC / Javajit, LLC
Broadway Always Wins, LLC / Broadway Always Wins, LLC
Kotlarz, Corey J / Kotlarz, Corey J