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Daily Trademark Applications Reports/Changes

19th May 2024 - from Cobb County School District, Hangzhou Sumayi Technology Co., Ltd., NEW ERA CAP, LLC and more.

18th May 2024 - from GONZALEZ, EMMANUEL MENDOZA, International Swimming League (ISL) IP Limited, ZKH INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO.,LTD. and more.

16th May 2024 - from Lowercase Ventures Management I, L.L.C., Tea Time Pictures, Inc., Phenix Salon LLC and more.

15th May 2024 - from Lowercase Ventures Management I, L.L.C., Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc., American Promotional Events, Inc. and more.

14th May 2024 - from Town & Country Linen Corp., ARIES PARTNERS LLC, QUANTARIUM GROUP, LLC and more.

13th May 2024 - from Driven IQ Corporation, Magic Music Records LLC, Major League Soccer, L.L.C. and more.

12th May 2024 - from DWD Licensing LLC, Frontier Precision, Inc., IGT and more.

11th May 2024 - from GONZALEZ, EMMANUEL MENDOZA, Mojiang Micang Technology Co., Ltd, GLORYLIFE NUTRITION INC and more.

10th May 2024 - from Centric Infrastructure Group, LLC, Opus Water, Inc., Shepherd, Dorinda and more.

9th May 2024 - from Strong Industries, Inc., Hangzhou Weipaitang Cultural Creative Co. Ltd, Tumbles LLC and more.

8th May 2024 - from Maxterial, Inc., Weaton Companies, LLC, Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, Inc. and more.

7th May 2024 - from Cozy Turtle, LLC, Rise River Asset Co., LTD., Gotham Premium Apparel LLC and more.

6th May 2024 - from Sarder, Inc., Sorento IPCo (U.S.) LLC, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm, Inc. and more.

5th May 2024 - from Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc., Run Manufacturing, Inc., The Lemon Perfect Company and more.

4th May 2024 - from Emancipation Entertainment LLC, Ox Paha Inc., Sunrise Botanica, LLC and more.

3rd May 2024 - from Parrish, Kehlani Ashley, Jiangsu cross-country culture Co., Ltd., La-Z-Boy Incorporated and more.

2nd May 2024 - from PORTER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., USA Swimming, Inc., Medical Group Care, LLC and more.

1st May 2024 - from Dr. Benjamin Talei, Cupid Lift, Inc., MATTEL, INC. and more.

30th Apr 2024 - from Eli Lilly and Company, WEBSEEDS LLC, Tire Group International, LLC. and more.

29th Apr 2024 - from UK NEWRGY INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD, Peixian Zhang, San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency and Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency and more.