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Daily Trademark Applications Reports/Changes

5th Dec 2023 - from Landus Cooperative, Turner Entertainment Co., NOBULL, LLC and more.

4th Dec 2023 - from Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., Lin, Zenith, Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. and more.

1st Dec 2023 - from GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA, Argos International LLC, The Trustees of the California State University and more.

28th Nov 2023 - from IGT, Tier One Brands, LLC, Archbold Furniture Co. and more.

27th Nov 2023 - from Kia Corporation, Bentonville Lifecycle Services, Inc., The Beauty Crop Limited and more.

26th Nov 2023 - from Sarder, Inc., Huang, Jin, Haoyi Lin and more.

25th Nov 2023 - from Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., American National Standards Institute, Incorporated, Zyter, Inc. and more.

24th Nov 2023 - from BLUPRINT FERTILITY LLC, Lily Lin, Spass Inc. and more.

23rd Nov 2023 - from VeloDB Inc, Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc., Ao Zheng and more.

22nd Nov 2023 - from Mood Bars, LLC, Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc., PILLA ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC. and more.

21st Nov 2023 - from Zeebo Wu, IRUD Group Inc., Jianguo Zheng and more.

19th Nov 2023 - from Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp., Tan Shunzhu, Hannay, Daniel G and more.

17th Nov 2023 - from Champion Thread Company, Haoyi Lin, Sarder, Inc. and more.

15th Nov 2023 - from ECL Hospitality Management, LLC, Wong Shiau Chuen, Li, Fu and more.

13th Nov 2023 - from Quantum Signature, Allseason Enterprises LLC, STOLTZFUS MINERAL SUPPLY LLC and more.

12th Nov 2023 - from Ember Valley Management Company, Chuang Weity, Sue Chan LLC dba Care of Chan and more.

11th Nov 2023 - from Ox Paha Inc., Huang, Jin, Kin Huang and more.

10th Nov 2023 - from Sarder, Inc., Sugo Brands LLC, Gao, Feng and more.

3rd Nov 2023 - from Sarder, Inc., Wong Shiau Chuen, Hsiao-Chun Huang and more.

2nd Nov 2023 - from Al's Burger Shack Holding Company LLC, Hsiao-Chun Huang, Shenzhen Torras Technology Co.,Ltd. and more.