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Trademark Documentation

WikiTrademarks Provides Trademark Documentation

If you need to show documented proof of use, you can submit your URLs, posts, images, photographs to WikiTrademarks.

We will be storing it in a digital ledger - so in future you can submit timestamped and verified proof of the date you disclosed it.

Why provide documentation on proof of use?

Proof of use may be required to enforce and defend your trademark rights.

It is especially important if your trademark is not a registered trademark.

You can exchange information with third parties, knowing that you've time-stamped your use of the mark.

Some trademark proof of use documentation hints:
  • Pictures of the product, any labels, and packaging.
  • Any promotional materials.
  • Tags & stickers.
  • Instruction manuals, product guides, repair and installation guides.
  • Your product on a point of sale display, like in a supermarket or grocery store.
  • Business cards, company stationery, corporate gifts and merchandise.
  • Menus (if you're a F&B establishment)
  • Photographs of your shop, warehouse or restaurant.