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Brand Protection

If you are looking to protect your brands, you need a brand protection company.

WikiTrademarks suggests contacting one of the following brand protection companies that can help with this:

Perception Partners

Intellar™ Dashboards

Perception Partners provides Intellar™ competitive intelligence dashboards to help teams continuously keep up with IP, technology, and market landscapes across patents, literature & news in the cloud. Date from Crunchbase is integrated, so you can find the IP/tech of firms raising money by ranges, investors, and timelines.

Replicatch™ anti-product-counterfeit solutions

Replicatch™ is a suite of online infringement detection and takedown tools in the cloud, monitoring hundreds of global eCommerce marketplaces, social media sites, search engines and domains. Replicatch detects trademark, copyright and patent infringements by text, price and image indicators.

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