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Trademark Maintenance

WikiTrademarks Provides Trademark Maintenance Services

Owning a registered trademark or actively using a unregistered trademark is the first step in making sure your trademark rights are enforced.

To keep your trademark rights, you must actively maintain your mark(s)

The benefit of keeping good maintenance of your trademarks is:

Preemptively defend against abandonment claims from 3rd parties.

Effectively exercise your trademark rights against would-be infringers.

Grow and strengthen your brand

Some trademark maintenance hints:
  • Continuously document and timestamp the "proof of use" of your trademark
  • This applies to registered marks as well as unregistered marks. If you don't use it you risk losing it.
  • Always monitor the landscape to check that others are not attempting to use or infringe your marks.
  • Always pay your fees on time.
  • Engage a professional trademark firm to remind you when trademark renewal fees are due.