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Galaxy Proof of Existence on

Galaxy Proof of Existence on the Litecoin Blockchain

Franchisee Opportunity

"GALAXY" which was granted protection in Vietnam for a wide variety of goods/services in Classes 09, 11 and 35, covering, inter alia, “Computers; computer monitor (monitor); computer peripherals; computer components; printers for computers; software; allowed parking time meter; phone; equipment to receive (record) images”; “Air conditioner; air cleaning machines and equipment, refrigerators; food refrigeration machines and equipment; tools and equipment for electric cooking; hairdryer; Dehumidifiers; drinking water filter; water heater (bottle); gas stove; Induction cooker; electric fan”, etc.

Franchise Details
  • Want to acquire/purchase the GALAXY marks in Vietnam?
  • Please contact KENFOX IP & Law Office at

Carré d'artistes®

Open your own Art Gallery

Carré d'artistes® is an exciting, innovative sales model helping to make contemporary art affordable to everyone. Open your own art gallery today.

Franchisee Sourcing

Open your own Carré d'artistes® gallery in your territory and bring affordable art to everyone.

The concept of Carré d'artistes® is to democratise contemporary art.

The first gallery opened in Aix-en-Provence (south of France) in 2001. Today, Carré d'artistes® is the leader on the accessible art market with a network of 35 galleries located in 12 countries and 50,000 pieces of artwork sold every year.

Our artistic direction involves over 600 professional artists who work with different techniques and materials, giving us a large selection of unique artwork. As our franchise partner, your artistic selection will be adapted to your local market.

Key Gallery Facts:
  • Simple! Four artwork sizes – four affordable prices
  • One-of-a-kind The artwork is unique and certified as authentic
  • Trademark Proven and dynamic marketing strategy
  • Artistic direction 15 artists per gallery (local and/or international) with regularly renewed exhibitions
  • Two target customers Business-to-consumer and business-to-business
  • Merchandising Modern and adaptable to the exhibition space
  • Promotional events Openings, artist appearances
  • Sale of large paintings
  • Development of the agreement by introducing sculptures
Benefits of the Carré d'artistes® Franchise
  • Expertise and support from the Carré d'artistes® artistic department.
  • Concept that has already been proven to be successful in different countries and cultures.
  • Strong visual identity of the brand and galleries.
  • Consignment system limits investment costs and facilitates management of accounts.
  • Consumer sales price policy freely devised by the franchisee.
  • International brand recognition.
  • Complete training and ongoing support.
Franchise Conditions
  • S$80,000 entrance fee.
  • Royalties 7% (excluding tax) on the sales made inside the gallery and on business to business turnover.
  • Security deposit of S$80,000 per gallery. Amount due before artwork is provided.
  • Franchisee is in charge of delivery fees (round trip) for the artwork.

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