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Pro Se Trademark Applications (Self Represented Trademark Applications)

A pro se trademark application is a trademark application filed by an individual or entity without the assistance of a licensed attorney.

"Pro se" is a Latin term that means "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf." In the United States, anyone can file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) without the help of an attorney, although the process can be complex and often requires a good understanding of trademark law and the application process.

It's important to note that while filing a pro se trademark application can save money on attorney fees, it can also increase the risk of errors or omissions in the application, which can result in delays or even the denial of the trademark registration. Therefore, it's generally recommended that individuals and businesses seeking trademark registration seek the advice and guidance of an experienced trademark attorney.

The following pages are a list of "pro se" trademark applications in the USA.

Williams, Erik Miles / Williams, Erik Miles
Golden Nibbles, LLC / Golden Nibbles, LLC
EstepBrand LLC / EstepBrand LLC
XayVr Company, LLC / XayVr Company, LLC
Carlos Espinoza / Carlos Espinoza
Bennett, Anthony H / Bennett, Anthony H
Walsh, Elena / Walsh, Elena
CleanJoule, LLC / CleanJoule, LLC
CleanJoule, LLC / CleanJoule, LLC
Cohen, Enrique / Cohen, Enrique
Cadense, Inc. / Cadense, Inc.
Inner Bounty LLC / Inner Bounty LLC
The JAE Prime Deals LLC / The JAE Prime Deals LLC
Bell, Sedquwick Stanley / Bell, Sedquwick Stanley
Mireles, Julian / Mireles, Julian
Thinkertainment, LLC / Thinkertainment, LLC
Barry Anderson / Barry Anderson
Fido Dido Inc. / Fido Dido Inc.
Ali Nourbakhsh / Ali Nourbakhsh
Filipshanova, Irina / Filipshanova, Irina
Rents Due Mindset, LLC. / Rents Due Mindset, LLC.
Peter John Schrock / Peter John Schrock
True Enterprises LLC / True Enterprises LLC
Proper Labs LLC / Proper Labs LLC
Proper Labs LLC / Proper Labs LLC
Proper Labs LLC / Proper Labs LLC
Cuppa Din Food Imports LLC / Cuppa Din Food Imports LLC
Dirac Project LLC / Dirac Project LLC
Brandon Theis / Brandon Theis
Moore, Bruce / Moore, Bruce
Hill, Dorian / Hill, Dorian
Rodeo Tactical Gear LLC / Rodeo Tactical Gear LLC
Adeyemi James T / Adeyemi James T
Konbit Enterprise LLC / Konbit Enterprise LLC
Cameron Sweet / Cameron Sweet
FreeLife101 Academy LLC / FreeLife101 Academy LLC
Vulnalysis L.L.C. / Vulnalysis L.L.C.
LD Human Capital Consulting / LD Human Capital Consulting
Snook Stacy Lee / Snook Stacy Lee
Gordon E. Hendrickson / Gordon E. Hendrickson
Best1 Enterprises / Best1 Enterprises
Voyage Auto Spa / Voyage Auto Spa
Nakamura, Shane / Nakamura, Shane
Campbell, Jerren, S / Campbell, Jerren, S
Parallaxe LLC / Parallaxe LLC
Product of Africa / Product of Africa
Chensue, Stephen W / Chensue, Stephen W
Chanthathep, Khamphovang / Chanthathep, Khamphovang