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Trademark: APPLE

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Basic Information

Serial Number
Filing Date
27 Dec 1993
Registration Number
Registration Date
15 Nov 1994
Mark Drawing Code


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APPLE was first used on 22 Jul 1993 for the primary classification of goods and services, international, 030 (Staple foods)
First use in commerce
There is no first use of this trademark in commerce detected yet.
Status Code
International Code
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Ownership history of this trademark/brand

1. USTOV, INC. Hayward CA

2. U.S. Trading Enterprise, Inc. San Francisco CA

3. U.S. Trading Enterprise, Inc. San Francisco CA

4. U.S. Trading Enterprise, Inc. San Francisco CA


Anne Hiaring Hocking
Donahue Fitzgerald LLP
Suite 2M
80 East Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

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