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Trademark: ORACLE

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Proof of use for ORACLE

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Basic Information about ORACLE

Serial Number
Filing Date
23 Nov 1999
Registration Number
Registration Date
07 Jun 2005
Mark Drawing Code


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First use of ORACLE anywhere
ORACLE was first used on 01 Dec 1999 for the primary classification of goods and services, international, 005 (Pharmaceuticals)
First use in commerce
There is no first use of this trademark in commerce detected yet.
Status Code
International Code
US Codes
006; 018; 044; 046; 051; 052

Who owns ORACLE?

1. Gharda Chemicals Limited Bandra (W), Mumbai

2. Gharda USA, Inc. Brookfield CT

3. Gharda USA, Inc. Brookfield CT


William W. Stroever Cole Schotz, P.C.
25 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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