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Trademark: RADAR

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Basic Information

Serial Number
Filing Date
25 Mar 2014
Registration Number
Registration Date
25 Nov 2014
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First use anywhere
RADAR was first used on 30 Sep 2010 for the primary classification of goods and services, international, 042 (Computer, scientific & legal)
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There is no first use of this trademark in commerce detected yet.
Status Code
International Code
US Codes
100; 101

Ownership history of this trademark/brand


Ian D. Gates
Kolitch Romano Dascenzo Gates LLC
621 SW Morrison Street, Suite 1100
Portland,OR 97205

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1650251790087012352 @Stuart_Linnell @KDCaccounting On the positive side, in the short term he gets a lower profile, less attention, meaning (hopefully) retention 👕💙. The more CCFC players flying under the radar at this crucial transitional time, and upwards trajectory, the better as I see it.

1650055209400295431 @Coventry_Views2 @TheSkyBlueHub @ITVSport Terrible coverage..we moved to 5th yet talked to there gaffer..moved above Blackburn and they showed more of there game 🤷‍♂️ like you say..under the radar #pusb

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1649121749680652290 @WholeLottaShin Popeyes was on nobody’s radar before that chicken sandwich whenever people would talk about it people would just say it’s worse KFC 😭

1648377366727606286 @MarkFHwest A pattern you can see only on radar or on a humid day you might be able to see a visible grid of parallel lines or tight circles at low level in the sky. Single planes making the whole pattern.

1647455578271416320 Bangun tidur baca Radar Malang, pak Wali bilang peletakan loko lori di Kayutangan atas permintaan masyarakat Malang. Kata siapa? Wong masyarakat mintanya kapal selam Rusia yang ditaruh di situ kok😌

1647021251712483328 @fun88eng Big Joe for me has been 10 out of 10 in most games, even when we’ve lost games he’s at times still been flawless. Bruno is a commentator, pundit and fan favourite (and understandably why), but under the radar in most games, Big Joe has been the best player on the pitch 🖤🤍👏👏

1644518938448121859 2023 unsigned senior @Dyani455 is at the HBCU Showcase in Lynwood High School this weekend ! Check out the 2x NCS , all state , state champion from Norcal 🏀📈 on the radar of a lot of D2 and some D1 schools ! #hbcu #hbcushowcase @NCRFoundation @HBCUSports1

1646260765241008128 @MrBigWhaleREAL I don't have any on my radar today, @MrBigWhaleREAL.☺ But when I saw the green circle on your tweet(🟢), it reminds me of @geocachin_GO, an AR #Find2Earn game & real-world problem solver, which I considered, as promising #Crypto.💯 Visit 👉

1646155894181318662 this might be my new favorite dgd song??? idk how this flew under my radar but i've been looping it for the past like day and a half lmfao

1646103181179383809 1046 UTC : un avion de guerre électronique E-8C JSTARS (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System) de l'US Air Force actif à proximité de l'enclave russe de #Kaliningrad #SIGINT #ADSB via @flightradar24

1645835777807351812 New Spy-6 Radar System To Revolutionize Maritime Security for US Navy

1644752722741153792 @ewritingmastery 1966 Chevy Chevelle. Aluminum body with a Tesla e-motor conversion and a Blaupunkt stereo system. Fabric seats w/ built-in vibration and heat. Radar brake-assist and 4 way cams. GPS and chipped. Integral roll bar. Bulletproof glass/door armor. Run flat tires.

1645386463880544256 @Sebasti44990791 @JorEl_Thielsen Så ejere der har aktier i flere klubber. Giver mening i er så liderlige over hinanden så. GFH og football radar venskab. Forkortet GFR?

1643255980354936834 ::performs the High-Impact Radar Ultraplex::

1644959306444406784 @tamimahida @HamodaRachmo55 @baillie1979 @okiakume @danhuck2 @pecocass @sbrulec @LizAleAmor @lucyjune2000 @is649984545 @faviansanchez50 @glenti99 @sudhagar2383 @perryto24 @kapilkr30 @BoneShiibaSwap @binance @coinbase @RobinhoodApp @Bitflex @krakenfx @kucoincom @okx I c?an't believe this Uniswap exploit has gone under the radar for so long. It's a major issue )that needs to be addressed.),

1644592256316489728 @jpr007 So it has multiple LiDAR AND radar sensors but instead of measuring the distance it’s predicting the movement? This was not highway speed and the Cruise system should have kept enough distance to stop based on sensors, not predictions 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ maybe they need MORE LiDAR sensors 😂

1644207130038226944 Partnership Combines RF Spectrum Sensing & Radar for Drone Tracking #radar #counteruas #counterdrone #cuas #dronedetection #technology #surveillance

1643948143048814593 A closer look at one of our recent radar tower installations. All steelwork fabrication carried out in our in-house fabrication workshop in Carnforth. More info here - #towerfabrication #steelwork #workingatheight #radartowers #fabrication

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