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26 Oct 2021
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1. Strike Capital Inc. Los Angeles CA

2. Strike Capital Inc. Los Angeles CA



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1651400904115998725 HAALAND: the guy is priceless but has flaws he has no great skill with the ball,his timing,movement and positioning is the best of any Striker but seems never to strike the ball cleanly the ball is never anywhere near his toe even his instep it's much further back inside of heel

1651379635983208448 New conspiracy! 🇨🇦 The @psac_afpc illegal strike and chaotic antics nationwide is a distraction from @Inquiry_Canada and the pandemic response inquiry. Why strike now. Why strike illegally. Why the chaotic antics.

1651379938488991744 With half of writers working at minimums and coming out of 3 years of pandemic, this is likely to be the leanest and hardest strike in WGA history. What can be done to help support writers who haven’t built a contingency fund?

1651378687101767681 Andy Vermaut shares:U.S. Tells China It Is Ramping Up Its Military Exercises In The Region: The Theodore Roosevelt and Nimitz Carrier Strike Groups steam in formation on scheduled deployments to the 7th Fleet area of operations. (U.S.… Thank you.

1651197212255297538 @bennipierce Who'd have thought something so pleasing to the eye could be so potentially deadly to the operator following an enemy phaser strike on a nacelle?

1650100313150586882 Dinesh sofar had a forgettable season so far, as he’s just scored 45 runs from six innings at an average of nine & a strike rate of 140.62. He failed to take his side home in their fifth fixture against CSK. Will he deliver in today’s match against RR.#RCBvsRR

1650105927956144131 @JurrienTimber ...For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."

1649976083121582080 Sugar Skulls taking over and Strike Force is losing their cool. Tucson closer to starting 4-0, ahead 37-23 with 10:14 left in the fourth quarter in its home opener. Will Tucson warm up to this team during the summer? It should.

1649174743562477573 @WarMonitors Cowards strike again. 🇷🇺🗑️ Civilians trying to live life. Mothers. Daughters. Children. Grandparents. 🇷🇺 is a TRASH nation.

1649639777224777728 On average, 240,000 humans are injured by a lightning strike every year. #DidYouKnow LightningFacts LightningKing

1649498024643641344 @jk_rowling @RosieDuffield1 Hey. Found CB Strike on HBO. Brilliant. Better than Hogwarts. Like Rockford meets Sherlock Holmes meets Moonlighting. You may need to look up US TV references.

1649138831344431110 @woofknight "I will strike you down with my milk thistle."

1648730472791392256 Kingston: Believes the use of Trackman has led to tighter strike zone, umps are aware they are being graded nightly. #Gamecocks

1649265318433267713 @DeSaintete "Indeed. Humans tend to miss the trees for the forest, more often than not." He raised an eyebrow as he found something. A small, hollow point. "Jeanne, strike right here." He pressed his fingertip against a precise point, scratching a circle around it with one of his chains.--

1649214942979977216 @ScottApogee @Apogee_Ent Can we take a moment to appreciate the godtier hidden gem that is Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri on this cover? Made by the dudes at Looking Glass Studios that gave us System Shock, it’s an excellent squad-based mech shooter with sprawling outdoor environments. Crazy for 1996.

1648785081148878849 @CaryKelly11 @GlennJ33631317 When I was 10 I thought I heard a gopher turtle in the bushes. I was going to catch it and take it home to live. I reached over the bush and came face to face with an Eastern Diamondback. I was VERY lucky as he was raised up and ready to strike but got distracted by my dog.

1648673637438824449 @ajay43 @cricketingview @the_topspin When the batsman on strike leaves the crease and misses the ball, he is "stumped" by the wicketkeeper who has to have the ball in his hand for it to be legit. WHY then can't a non striker who is out of HIS crease,be run out by the bowler, who has the ball in HIS hand?

1648976577990983689 @xena_and_gabby 😲😲😲 I can’t tell if I hope the strike ends or not before I’m back at work.

1648879246058881025 Had done the deed to strike the Titan host Ask, is Love divine, Their angel out of them, a demon in.

1648879612561338368 Had done the deed to strike the Titan host #粉葡萄 #北乃芽子 #挽风 #桃谷谷 #蒋露露 #十六夜淚 #习呆呆 #特特丹 #나비

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