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Trademark: DAGGER

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Basic Information

Serial Number
Filing Date
31 Jan 2023
Registration Number
Registration Date
27 Feb 2024
Mark Drawing Code


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First use anywhere
DAGGER was first used on 27 Nov 2020 for the primary classification of goods and services, international, 008 (Hand tools)
First use in commerce
There is no first use of this trademark in commerce detected yet.
Status Code
International Code
US Codes
023; 028; 044

Ownership history of this trademark/brand

1. Tusko Jr., Bernard Joseph San Clemente CA

2. Tusko Jr., Bernard Joseph San Clemente CA

3. Tusko Jr., Bernard Joseph San Clemente CA


305 N. SECOND AVE., #127
UPLAND, CA 91786

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1640063469989896195 PSA has their green cerakoted complete Dagger G19 compatible slide assembly with RMR optics cut, Holosun 507 red dot with donut of death, Ameriglo lower 1/3 co-witness sights, and threaded barrel for $419/ea currently here:

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1640186556290854913 @cb_doge @elonmusk There's still some tweaking needed but yes pretty good so far. I was disturbed by a full color image from a movie wherein a person was standing over a naked infant. She was holding a dagger pointed menacingly over the child's body while a bloodied circle of people surroundedā€¦

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