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Trademark: PEPSI

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Basic Information

Serial Number
Filing Date
24 Mar 2023
Mark Drawing Code


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US Codes
022; 039

Ownership history of this trademark/brand

1. PepsiCo, Inc. Purchase NY



Recent Tweets about PEPSI

1651410778199584769 @ciel500iq SIII TOD9 POR UNA PEPSI LOCO

1651178363275362305 @ThePatsGazette ABSOLUTELY…….NOT! Deleted the app, Fox nation app, Fox weather etc. just added to the running list of brands I will not give my business. Do you KNOW how hard it was to switch to Pepsi?? If Pepsi goes woke, it will be water from here on out.

1650405678517764096 @jbatmbkl Yes correct! That's Nana intersection with boring Nana Square Bangkok Mall now where the Pepsi sign used to be. Sukhumvit 3 (Nana Nua) is indeed a one-way street. Lek Nana's house would be near the yellow sign. It's now fenced. Rumor has it that it's about to be demolished...😥

1649645726266269697 Located across from the World Trade Center and Convention Center and Pepsi Cent...

1649846579870814209 Por que não vende tanto pepsi black?

1649846603967021058 @golden_wolfram It's hard to judge if it's carbonated, it could rhum and Pepsi or vodka oolong

1649846631523667969 @Fabiola17914989 U bo von e une po t'pres ty Kom pi shum sonte muj me des n'ty Veshun t'dy zi shum classy Une Coca-Col e ti Pepsi Habibi, habibi S'po na len inati neve me u pa cdo dit Habibi, habibi

1649846645201293312 @SirLucasMatheus Já parou pra pensar que a pepsi contratou ela pra fazer um marketing tosco e chamar atenção de otários que nem vc? Que fazem o bagulho nada haver virar algo sobre a cor das pessoas?

1649846649471025152 @forumpandlr Quando vejo ela só lembro de “My pyssy tastes like Pepsi cola”

1649846787409158144 @lilvinicinho inclusive pelo visto tem dado muito certo kkkkkkk contrata uns influenciador baratin, eles fazem uma publi merda e todo mundo viraliza aí a Pepsi pagou muito mais barato e todo mundo viu o que eles queriam divulgar

1649846793402736641 After crushing on him for months. He finally noticed me, now he is asking me what I am feeling for him? I told him I feel like buns and pepsi

1649846886872801281 Cherry Pepsi is better than Cherry Coke

1649846965532803072 nada a ver com o assunto mas essa pepsi balck é MUITO boa inclusive melhor do que coca

1649846986395508736 Pepsi paying LeBron $50-100M and he still won’t touch Aquafina 🤣🤣🤣

1649847017462538243 pepsi

1649847136744341505 Muito bom que a Pepsi conseguiu exatamente o que queria

1649847148459212800 @CaptainAra84 @GreenGoblin282 @SurprisedCat I collect on quidd also… Just like I like Pepsi and coke … neither has anything to do with the other ..

1649847335810203648 @gokben__24 Pepsi kesinlikle

1649847350125527040 my friend when we hang out all day and i consume nothing but a whole 2 liter of cherry diet pepsi

1649847374712393729 +1 motivo para amar pepsi black.. (em promoção no festval galera!!!!!)

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