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Trademark: SPLIT

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19 Nov 2023
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100; 102; 101

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1. Laursen, Henrik Kalamazoo MI


Laursen, Henrik
4550 Banyan Lane
Kalamazoo,MI 33137

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1651364628155310081 at the time i was deciding what i wanted my concept to be, i was also considering a dual persona idea where a spirit tied to a pocket watch was split into day/night forms! the day version would be high-energy (games/collabs), the night version would be comfy (chatting, asmr)

1650927375767445518 Death of Wenceslas, Battles of Smireni and The White Mountain, ‘May’ (where son kills father over a shared woman: Bohemia? Nature?): Bohemian identity seems to revolve around fratricidal division and split loyalties. (One could have a Girardian field day, but let’s not.)

1651397815619424256 Poonawala Concall The legacy book will be zero  by sept’23; by June it should come down to Rs 200-Rs 300Cr. Disbursement split for FY23- Direct &digital- 50% and through partnership- 50% From Q2 onwards, the cost of funds will start reducing.

1651298536263172096 @WallStreetApes @CEOAdam @GaryGensler @SECGov @FINRA They are all buying time when the biggest clean up in stock market happens to $amc with this reverse split . Retail give up 90% while those hiding synthetic and FTD get a bail out . If this had been a good thing for us , they would have covered or left this stock . @CEOAdam lies

1651290036451549185 Bueno pues aqui termina nuestro solit ggs a los chicos de @TheLastMonk_ y nada quiero agradecer a @LightFallLoL @Regi1708 @GuanchOlol @Alonshot_adc y @sddatc por el gran split que han hecho.

1650958129864011818 "#29 has deep decay and starts of irreversible pulpitis. It looks like the root has a slight curve in the apical 1/3. Does it look like that could be two roots or a split in the canal system?"

1647983435162558466 @RousseauPhili15 @yasseranwarpoet @freemonotheist Western Science is the thing that denies: -Flying horses -Souls/gods/demons/vampires/giants -Moon split in two & put back together -Telepathy w/invisible sky wizards -Talking snakes & donkeys -Firmament sky dome (& sky ocean) -Flat Earth

1649655364617486336 @Wizzyddin @xFortune @LucianTritt You don’t accept theories that have no basis in common sense ? Hhmm .. does that include - ants talking about people ? - 950 year old men ? - health benefits of camel urine ? - flying horses ? - jinns and demons ? - split moon ? - global flood ? - 7 invisible heavens ? 🤔😂

1650380911035154436 THE Queensland government will split up the 17,511-hectare Longreach Pastoral College between three separate tenderers for a combined sale price of $12.4 million, with the high-profile bid from AAM Investment Group (AAM) missing out.

1648849360011272193 左右分割は高確率でうまくいくが、「Vertical split screen.(上下分割)」は理解してもらえないらしい。

1649790584553451522 Going to start eating meals with chopsticks so I don't look such a newb when we're in Japan in a few months. First time over there, I was amazed at the way one of the women I was working with deftly split up larger pieces of meat and fish. She tried to show me how but it's tricky

1649387225522610176 @MaineMurf @tomecurran Don’t split hairs on attempting to microdot such action to establish a travel violation. The play appears a jump stop as close as it can be. Being over officious as a ref or a fan is detrimental to the game.

1649778611568754689 ITF M25 Split, Croatia M. Kasnikowski/J. Kym (POL/SUI) d. N. Basic/P. Verbin (CRO/RUS) 6-2 6-4 ITF Split Open | Quarterfinal | Clay

1649782799262441474 Piotr Matuszewski w deblowym finale w Splicie!🇵🇱🏆 ⏺M25 Split 🇭🇷 ITF 1/2 ⏩Matuszewski/Prihodko O.(🇺🇦)(1) 🆚 Karol M.(🇸🇰)/Paty D.(🇨🇿)(3) 2:0 (62,64) Maks Kaśnikowski awansował do deblowego półfinału więc juz możliwy "Polsko 🆚 Polski" finał!

1649509588297981952 @MariaSherwood2 Both you and @PaulBrislen. Be real spooky if you split the Lotto Powerball win as well.

1649390957047996418 @mia_rotty_leeds @AndyHa_ A team game as in you’d still be able to collectively contribute to beating The Chaser, you just would take what you put in though compared to it being split the way it is now. Obviously though something like the minus offer would need looking at/removing though.

1649098360174018560 Costway 18000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner w/ 19 SEER 2 Heater $605 + Free Shipping *Slickdeals may get paid by brands or deals.

1647842814300913667 Split families chronicles : my dad and I cooked mad food to have family dinner with my lil brothers but they went to dinner with their other family cause their brothers birthday was today 🙃

1649142646080954370 @CrocandRocks “No, a man who became a draconic monster and killed 90% of the universe before some hot chick split the universe and the monster and herself into four distinct parallels.” That sounded too smart to come out of yugo’s mouth-

1648882789628928000 specialist Brian Auger, her voice now a crystal clear, expressive blues-soul wail. “Nina [Simone] was the touchstone,” she says. “If you could stir emotion like Nina…” When Steampacket split she & Auger regrouped as Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & The Trinity. They blended psych,

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