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SAMSUNG Samsung Secures $6.4 Billion in US Government Grants for Chip Manufacturing Expansion in Texas Tweet this
GOOGLE Google has suspended anti-Israel workers occupying offices for hours with some being arrested Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle partners with Ocean Bottle to reduce ocean plastic pollution Tweet this
FEDERAL Federal Circuit Says District Court Erred in Assessing Inequitable Conduct in Toddler Dining Mat Patent Case Tweet this
CIRCLE Circle Integrates zkSync for USD Coin Tweet this
GALAXY Galaxy AI is coming to 8 new devices. Is yours on the list? Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Academy participates in 46th anniversary event of APHEIT in Thailand Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Modern Data Platform: 데이터로 만들어가는 제조의 미래 Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: 2024年4月度サービス・アップデート Tweet this
APPLE Apple announced today that its Apple Developer Academy has expanded to Bali Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has Released the Trailer for the Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Series 'Dark Matter' Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has renewed 'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' for a Second Season while planning Multiple Spin-off Series Tweet this
APPLE Apple won a series of design patents in Europe for a charging station, Apple Pencil, mounting units for audiovisual devices & EyeSight Tweet this
APPLE Apple Seeks to replace Glass Lenses in Future iPhone Cameras with next-gen Plastic Lenses that have already passed customer testing Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has Announced an Explosive 3-Part Documentary Series titled "Hollywood Con Queen' that's coming in May Tweet this
CARBON Carbon Credit Tokenization – The Complete Guide Tweet this
LÖWENSTEIN Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP is Seeking a Mid-level Associate, Senior Associate, Counsel or Junior Partner Tweet this
STATE State of Blockchain Gaming in Q1 2024 Tweet this
GALAXY Galaxy S23 Ultra unresponsive display issue: Why Samsung is blaming Google Tweet this
FEDERAL Federal Circuit Upholds Mixed ITC Determination Authorizing Google Redesigns Tweet this
RADIX Radix Scrypto Yield Derivatives Challenge with Over $15,000 in Prizes Tweet this
AMAZON Amazon Free Cash Flow Nears Record Level Tweet this
BEYOND Beyond partnership: how firms help associates find other paths Tweet this
PRISMA Prisma Finance Hacker Continues On-Chain Tirade Following $11 Million Heist Tweet this
WORDLE Wordle today: Here's the answer and hints for April 1 Tweet this
ROCKSTAR Rockstar Co-Founder and All-star Line Up Join Advisory Board to Take Metacade into Post Beta Orbit Tweet this
SUSPICIOUS Suspicious minds: Tennessee firms scrutinise AI soundalike law Tweet this
RIPPLE Ripple CLO Says Coinbase Vs. SEC Is ‘Far From Over’, Here’s What’s Next Tweet this
INTERNATIONAL International Trademark Association calls for entries to third Open Innovation Challenge Tweet this
MARCH March Madness and Caitlin Clark have already given us some great memes Tweet this
SOLANA Solana (SOL) Contender Completes 85% of Stage 5 Presale in Weeks, Will ‘Black Account’ Feature Tip Them to Top 20? Tweet this
SOLANA Solana blockchain overrun with racist memecoins in latest cryptocurrency trend Tweet this
AMAZON Amazon Ups Services As Temu, Shein Sales Surge Ahead Tweet this
APPLE Apple tried to make Apple Watch work with Android Tweet this
APPLE Apple invents a future Vision Pro Facial Interface having integrated health sensors to assist fitness training, education, clinical settings+ Tweet this
EXPLORE Explore The Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways In 2024 Tweet this
APPLE Apple invents a next-gen Magic Mouse with Variable Friction and Multi-Texture capabilities which could excellent for high-end Gaming+ Tweet this
APPLE Apple has agreed to Pay $490 Million to Settle a case over CEO Tim Cook's misleading China Sales Comments Tweet this
APPLE Apple has held talks with Google to use their Gemini AI Engine for iPhone and more Tweet this
APPLE Apple Invents an Adaptive Exterior Display for Mobile Devices that's designed to Block Out 90% of Bright Sunlight Tweet this
APPLE Apple has been Granted a Major Patent for Freeform Folded Optical Systems for possible use in Future iPhones & iPads Tweet this
APPLE Apple landed 13 BAFTA Television Award nominations for acclaimed hit series and specials such as 'Slow Horses,' 'Silo,' and more Tweet this
PETER Peter Schiff Questions True Agenda Behind MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Acquisition Tweet this
AMAZON Amazon spring sale features a bunch of random deals on laptops — including the new M3 MacBook Airs Tweet this
PLENA Plena Finance Launched PLENA Token Airdrop Campaign Tweet this
BEREAL BeReal has 10 months left before it runs out of money Tweet this
STARBUCKS Starbucks Halts NFT Beta Program, Eyes Future Digital Loyalty Strategies Tweet this
STARBUCKS Starbucks is shutting down its NFT rewards program Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Fusion Analytics: Use of Deep Links to navigate to Fusion Applications from Workbooks Tweet this
TETHER Tether to develop blockchain and peer-to-peer telecoms infrastructure for Uzbekistan Tweet this