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WESTERN Western Digital Flash Drive Designed For Creatives Tweet this
FORTNITE Fortnite Returns To iPhones Thanks To Loophole Tweet this
GEMINI Gemini Enters Wealth Management After Acquiring BITRIA Tweet this
BEYOND Beyond "Manhunt," an Apple TV+ series about President Lincoln's assassination, Apple announces "Lincoln's Dilemma" a new documentary Tweet this
APPLE Apple updates 5 key patents covering an all-glass iPhone with a Wrap Around Display, Gaze Controls, an iDevice Strobe Accessory+ Tweet this
UNITE UNITE Stablecoin Gives DeFi on Harmony a Boost Tweet this
APPLE Apple CarKey is reportedly coming to more cars soon Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ Series titled "Bad Monkey" adds four new cast Members to join Vince Vaughn Tweet this
SAMSUNG Samsung gets ahead of Apple's SE 3 by Launching their Rebranded Galaxy XCover 5 Pro today at rock bottom pricing Tweet this
TOTAL Total NFT Sales Hit $25B in 2021 Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto regulation concerns make decentralized stablecoins attractive to DeFi investors Tweet this
PEOPLE People spend a third of their waking day staring at their phones, report finds Tweet this
VULCAN Vulcan Forged Boosts Play-to-Earn with LAVA Tweet this
SECURITY Security Concerns And Risks Related To NFT Marketplaces Tweet this
APPLE Apple reveals Multiple Cameras being integrated into future Foldable and Bendable Devices Plus a Deep Dive into AirTags Tweet this
APPLE Apple Patent points to Possible Future iDevices, Macs, Wearables like Smartglasses, having illuminated Borders Tweet this
APPLE Apple has been Granted Five Design Patents for Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Tweet this
APPLE Apple won 43 Patents today covering an HMD with a Direct Retinal Projector System and Reflective Holographic Combiner & more Tweet this
APPLE Apple wins a Patent for Replacing the Apple Watch Digital Crown with an Optical Sensor that recognizes user Gestures & more Tweet this
ACCESS Access more content from around the world for less than £1 a month with Ivacy VPN Tweet this
TERRA Terra Becomes Second Biggest DeFi Chain, Surpasses BSC Tweet this
APPLE Apple Invents a new Under-Display technology using Optical Fibers to better capture Fingerprint Data and communicate between devices Tweet this
KRAKEN Kraken Develops NFT Trading Platform, Offering Token-Backed Loans Tweet this
ETHEREUM Ethereum 2.0 Full Upgrade Will Prompt a 1% Annual Deflation Rate Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin slips under $50K amid warning 'new player' Binance whale is pressuring BTC price Tweet this
PHANTOM Phantom Galaxies Opens Closed Alpha for Half a Million Gamers Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Flows into Ethereum Network and Corporate Treasuries as WBTC Tweet this
TESLA Tesla corporate executive Elon Musk Reveals Why He’s Pro Dogecoin Amid discussion Over Web3, Ethereum, Decentralization Tweet this
REDDIT Reddit Moves Towards Public Listing: NFTs Driving Interest Tweet this
TREAT Treat yourself to a new-to-you Lenovo Chromebook for only $150 Tweet this
VOYAGER Voyager Digital will be crypto brokerage partner for National Women's Soccer League Tweet this
KICKSTARTER Kickstarter said it's moving to the blockchain, and creators are pissed Tweet this
PROOF Proof of Stake Networks to Help Staking-as-a-Service Providers Tweet this
NIFTY Nifty News: Melania Trump drops NFT, Arabian Camels produces NFT film and Whitney Houston keeps selling hits Tweet this
MAJOR Major Panic As Tech Giants Scramble To Patch Software Flaw Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase mistakenly told some customers they were billionaires Tweet this
APPLE Apple wins Two iPad Pro Design Patents in Hong Kong Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ Releases the Official Season-3 Trailer for "Servant" which looks really Intense Tweet this
EVERY Every weed smoker needs Boveda for their stash Tweet this
APPLE Apple Adds Hotel Keys To Wallet Tweet this
APPLE Apple Files for the Figurative Trademark Representing 'Apple Digital Master' while winning a Design Patent for iPhone 13 Pro Tweet this
APPLE Apple Invents a new method of detecting user ID and Presence to automatically awaken a Mac from Sleep Mode Tweet this
APPLE Apple discontinued the one thing that got me through the pandemic Tweet this
APPLE Apple is seeking a judicial review of the warning issued by Russia’s anti-monopoly regulator regarding the App Store Tweet this
GEMINI Gemini Partners With Major Colombian Bank: Bancolombia Tweet this
AIRDROP Airdrop Alert: WandaExchange Airdrop is Now Live Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto Exchange Kraken Currently Supports Shiba Inu — SHIB commercialism to start Tomorrow Tweet this
VIDAL Vidal tackles Senate questions on Section 101, Fintiv and SEPs Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto community responds to Charlie Munger yelling at Bitcoin again Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice Tweet this