Recent Trademarks and Brands in the News

APPLE Apple TV+ Announces Season 2 of the Surfing Documentary 'Make of Break, Lands a Multi-Project Series Deal with Novelist Dennis Lehane+ Tweet this
APPLE Apple Takes Continuity to another Level with Overlapping User Interfaces between Devices Tweet this
APPLE Apple Invents a new Airflow Sensor that is designed to deliver Superior Audio for Future devices such as the iPad Pro Tweet this
TESLA Tesla refuses to sell any more Bitcoin Tweet this
APPLE Apple Invents an advanced Autonomous Vehicle System that covers Tactical Maps using Neural Networks Tweet this
SCORE Score huge discounts on tech products this week Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Student webinar: Designed for change, built for you. Tweet this
MICROSOFT Microsoft Posts Slowest Growth In Six Years, Still Beats Estimates Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase up 69%, MicroStrategy up 74% since lows Tweet this
SHADOW Shadow Fork Successfully Launched Ahead of ETH Shanghai Upgrade Tweet this
GENESIS Genesis files for bankruptcy, FTX explores a reboot, and Bitzlato news: Hodler’s Digest: Jan. 15-21 Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto Friendly Silvergate Reveals Positive Financial Data, Shares Rebound Tweet this
MICROSOFT Microsoft To Add OpenAI, ChatGPT Features In All Products Tweet this
SHARPEN Sharpen Business and Entrepreneurial Skills with Planet IX Tweet this
CRYPTO Crypto Adoption Among Women on the Rise Tweet this
MOONSTONE Moonstone Bank to Exit Crypto Space Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Climbs Upward Following CPI Update Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Correlation With Nasdaq Falls To Lowest Since December 2021 Tweet this
GEMINI Gemini & Genesis Accused of Offering Unregistered Securities Tweet this
POLYGON Polygon implements hard fork to reduce gas spikes Tweet this
ASTRA Astra Nova Offers 500 Free Mint Passes to its Deviants NFTs Tweet this
THREE Three in 23: TM and copyright lawyers eye busy year at SCOTUS Tweet this
MOTOROLA Motorola Does A Lasarus, Now A Real Threat To Samsung Tweet this
HARMONY Harmony One 2022 Year-End Review Tweet this
TESLA Tesla And Bitcoin Have ‘More In Common Than You Think,’ This Nobel Prize Winner Says Tweet this
PROOF Proof of reserves is becoming more effective, but not all its challenges are technical Tweet this
GALAXY Galaxy Digital Bails Out Bitcoin Miner Argo Amid Bankruptcy Rumors Tweet this
DYNAMIC Dynamic InnoDB Redo Log in MySQL 8.0 Tweet this
MARKET Market volatility helps one crypto strategy outperform Bitcoin by 246% in 2022 Tweet this
KRAKEN Kraken Leaves Japan Again, Citing A Poor Crypto Market. Tweet this
PHOEBE Phoebe Bridgers talks the end of the world with Amelia Dimoldenberg on 'Chicken Shop Date' Tweet this
TRUMP Trump NFT Collection Pumps OpenSea Trading Volume Tweet this
MASTODON Mastodon has gained millions of new users since Elon Musk bought Twitter Tweet this
MATTER Matter Support Added To Google Nest Devices Tweet this
MAPPING Mapping defaults versus subledger suspense accounting Tweet this
DOGECOIN Dogecoin In Freefall Following Musk’s Decision To Step Down As Twitter CEO Tweet this
MICROSOFT Microsoft Escalates Restrictions Against Crypto Mining Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle Academy wins Edtech Development Private Organization of the Year Award at Edtech Summit 2022 Tweet this
APPLE Apple gave up on AirPower, but Tesla now has its own version Tweet this
APPLE Apple Reveals their latest work on Future Blood Pressure Device Solutions including an Inflatable Cuff and Apple Watch Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has Canceled the Drama Series 'Shantaram' after One Season and more Tweet this
APPLE Apple Introduced the new App 'Freeform' Last Week & days later filed for 'Freeform' Trademarks in the U.S. and Hong along with others Tweet this
SMART Smart Teddy is a soft and cuddly STEM toy Tweet this
CUSTOM Custom Blockchains on Polygon: Uncovering New Horizons for Businesses to Adopt Web3! Tweet this
APPLE Apple won 42 Patents today including one for VR Apple Developers relating to Improved Pathfinding for Virtual Agents Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+: Major League Soccer Announces 2023 Season Schedule Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Maximalist Michael Saylor Says Ethereum Could Collapse Like LUNA Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Hashrate Rebounds 11% Since Nov End, Can It Reach New ATH? Tweet this
ORACLE Oracle & Kubernetes: Multi-Cloud is easier with Open Cloud Native Tweet this
IDENTIFY Identify SQL Server Performance Problems and Reduce Outages with Stack Monitoring Tweet this