Recent Trademarks and Brands in the News

VICTORINOX Victorinox Earn Red Dot Design Award On Four Products Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has released the trailer for the Third Season of 'For All Mankind' and announced a new Kids show 'Eva the Owlet' Tweet this
APPLE Apple previews Innovative Accessibility Features combining the power of hardware, software, and Machine Learning coming later this year Tweet this
APPLE Apple TV+ has Released the Trailer for Season 2 of the Design Docuseries 'Home' that premiers in mid-June Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin Needs to Reclaim $36K to Invalidate the Bearish Thesis, BTC's Correlation with S & P 500 Hits ATH Tweet this
MAGIC Magic Link: Developer SDK for Easy Web3 Onboarding Tweet this
TERRA Terra Resumes after Halting Blockchain Production to Prevent Governance Attacks Tweet this
TERRA Terra ecosystem collapses, Sam Bankman-Fried buys Robinhood stock and crypto trader receives jail sentence for Ponzi scheme: Hodler’s Digest, May 8-14 Tweet this
BITCOIN Bitcoin & Energy Merge In Texas: 3 Giant Companies Announce New Mining Facility Tweet this
INSTAGRAM Instagram To Begin Testing NFTs This Week Tweet this
INSTAGRAM Instagram jumps on the NFT bandwagon as the wheels spin off Tweet this
INSTAGRAM Instagram to Integrate NFTs From Top Blockchains Tweet this
ILLICIT Illicit Activities in DeFi Sector Seen Rising in Past Two Years: Chainalysis Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase CEO Says Apple’s Crypto Policy Raises ‘Potential Antitrust Issues’ Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase NFT Marketplace Beta Underperforms in Launch Week Tweet this
BENJI Benji Bananas Expands In-game Economy with PRIMATE Token Tweet this
GEMINI Gemini Report Shows Women Lagging Behind Men in Web3 Investments Tweet this
CLARITY Clarity over the confusion about the CULTCAMPER trade mark Tweet this
BEYOND Beyond Earth Day: Oracle celebrates a month of environmental service Tweet this
ALPHA Alpha Venture DAO Launches Two New Web3-Oriented Projects Tweet this
SAMSUNG Samsung Takes 24% Smartphone Market Share Tweet this
MARKET Market Reactions to Elon Musk on not Joining the Board of Directors of Twitter Tweet this
MASTERCARD Mastercard files 15 metaverse and NFT related trademarks Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase Promo Code Tweet this
SOLANA Solana NFT Sales Reach Milestone of $1.6 Billion Tweet this
UPLIFT Uplift DAO: Permissionless & Decentralized Launchpad for DeFi Projects Tweet this
WAVES Waves CEO Fires Shots at Alameda Research Amidst Price Manipulation Allegations Tweet this
ALPHA Alpha Finance Lab Launches Alpha Venture DAO For Web3 Devs Tweet this
AURORA Aurora Consulting is Seeking a Patent Agent and Search Analyst (remote, U.S. only) Tweet this
ALIENWARE Alienware Scores Gaming Table Deal With JB Hi Fi Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase to reportedly buy the $2.2B Brazilian unicorn behind Mercado Bitcoin Tweet this
NIFTY Nifty News: Luxury brands join Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week Tweet this
HACKER Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks 35,000 Files Of Stolen Russian Central Bank Documents Tweet this
BLACK Black employees at Tesla raise new allegations of racism in the workplace Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase to track off-platform crypto transfers in Canada, Singapore, Japan Tweet this
OSCAR Oscar Isaac sang 'Gay' in call for Disney to oppose 'Don't Say Gay' bill Tweet this
ONEPLUS OnePlus 10 Pro 5G to launch in the U.S. next week Tweet this
NIFTY Nifty News: Mayweather returns to crypto ring after legal KO... Reef gets NFTs Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase Supports Solana Tokens And NFTs. What’s Next? Tweet this
MOTOROLA Motorola Launches $999 Edge 30 Pro As Growth Hits 50% Tweet this
INDIAN Indian Crypto Tax Policy To Treat Each Digital Asset Investment Independently Tweet this
AMAZON Amazon To Open Parcel Sorting Centre In Melbourne Tweet this
TRADEMARK Trademark case: In re Vox Populi Registry Ltd., USA Tweet this
BRIDGE Bridge Platform Bridge Champ Reveals 2022 Roadmap Tweet this
METAVERSE Metaverse for education: How virtual reality can help schools and colleges Tweet this
CRONOS Cronos TVL Continues Expanding: Now Over $2.8 Billion Tweet this
LIMEWIRE LimeWire Will Use Algorand to Relaunch as NFT Marketplace Tweet this
COINBASE Coinbase has "Hidden Value" in Venture Investments, Says Oppenheimer Analyst Tweet this
BORED Bored Ape Yacht Club Donates $1 Million in Ethereum to Ukraine Following Community Efforts Tweet this
HARVARD Harvard researchers made a thermometer that...stretches? Tweet this